ArtWalk Livermore 2020 – Pandemic Edition

I’m so glad we were able to do Pandemic Version of the ArtWalk this year. Scaled down, yes; but I did pretty good with visitors and sales anyway.

I setup my booth in front of the Bankhead Theater on the grass.

Printmaking Demo at
Las Positas College, November 2018

The Design Club asked me to demonstrate linocut making.

ArtWalk Livermore 2018, October 13

My booth was in the same place as last year; at the corner of South Livermore Avenue and First Street (Livermorium Plaza). A great location, lots of shade trees, wine tasting, and live music! My friend Peter and sister Eileen helped me with setting up.

I met briefly with members of the Livermore Arts Commission and other Livermore professionals, part of Spotlight on ArtWalk.
So happy to have my sister join me for the day!

Teaching Art at Camp Galileo – Summer 2018

I was Lead Art Instructor for Camp Galileo Summer Camps from end of June to mid-August. My 1st and 2nd graders worked on some really cool projects. The summer’s themes were Space Explorers, Incredible Human Body, Road Trip Adventures and Makers Materials Challenge. My camp location was Kent Middle School in Kentfield, up in Marin. It was hard work, I played games, I put on costumes, I acted silly, I was exhausted, but it was REALLY fun!

Makers Material Challenge: toilet paper!

For one week the kids made projects using toilet paper. It was really fun dyeing toilet paper for our “Toilet Paper Monsters” project.

Dyed toilet paper strips spread out to dry.

Maybe see you next summer.  🙂

The World of Frida opening reception at the Bedford Gallery in Walnut Creek had several thousand people attending that afternoon of July 8th! Besides the amazing, diverse art in the gallery interpreting Frida, and a national photography exhibit, Frida Kahlo: Through the Lens of Nickolas Muray, there was a Mariachi band outside, vendors offering various Frida items, a Fashion Show, and Dress Up Like Frida Fashion Show. I was honored to participate in the show, and had so much fun. I even attempted to dress up as my version of Frida!

A very well dressed Frida, posing next to my woodcut.

A little Frida

Printmaking Exchange

In April 2018, I participated in a Printmaking Exchange through the Sanchez Art Center in Pacifica California. Twelve juried printmakers were given the topic “Reverie”, and were asked to interpret that concept in their style of printmaking. We each received a boxed portfolio set of each others prints.

My entry: Unplugged, Plugged In  (a Linocut)

When robots are doing more thinking and becoming more like us, will they need to take a break from all the mental gymnastics and search for a bit of Reverie? A tongue-in-cheek comment on AI (artificial intelligence) and its expanding place in our lives.

The artists’ work is revealed at the opening reception, Sanchez Art Center, Pacifica California – April 21, 2018

Quarry Lane Students Try Printmaking

In mid-November 2017, I visited Bora Shin’s art classes at Quarry Lane School in Dublin. I shared my work making prints, and demonstrated linocut technique. They were getting ready to work on their own linocut project.

Here are some of the students’ prints from Quarry Lane School. Each student was given a particular season to describe, as part of their linocut assignment. Some of students hand colored their prints. I think they turned out great!

ArtWalk Livermore 2017, October 14

My first time participating in downtown Livermore’s ArtWalk. It was a beautiful day; I had a lot of fun! Talked to lots of people, did some commerce. Found out what it involves to have a booth in an art festival!